Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wellness Wednesday! Eat to Relieve Ache

It is Wednesday...all about Wellness :) I have had some slight back pain lately (carried 6 kids, remember) Today, I have found an article in AllYou magazine, October 22, 2010 issue that tells you how to eat to relieve an aching back.

Substances high in sugar, caffeine, alcohol or certain artificial additives can raise stress-hormone levels, which increase inflammation and cause pain, especially in the back. Here's what to keep on your shelves--and what to eat less often.

Stock up on:

-Oatmeal, brown rice, corn, quinoa, rye and whole-grain bread, pasta and cereal.
-Nuts and seeds.
-Vegetable, olive and flaxseed oils.
-Chicken, fish, and lean cuts of beef, pork, and turkey.
-Eggs and low-fat dairy.
-Fresh fruits and vegetables.
-Seltzer and water (both plain and naturally flavored).
-Decaffeinated coffee and tea.

Cut back on:

-Enriched white flour (brea, pasta, biscuits, waffles, crackers, cereals and cookies)
-Hydrogenated oils.
-Artificially flavored or sweetened fruit drinks.
-Soda (regular and diet).
-Wine, beer, spirits and cordials.
-Caffeinated coffee and tea.
-Processed foods (including those with ingredients ending in "ose")

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