Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips Tuesday! Cleaning Window Screens and Blinds

Continuing on with the window spring cleaning, on to screens!


Rub a brush-type roller over the screen to pick up dust.

Or brush both sides with kerosene and wipe clean with a clean cloth. This also prevents rust from forming.

For small areas, run a brush-type hair roller over the screen to remove lint and dust.

Dry nylon netting rubbed over screens will remove dirt too.

Blinds and Shades

Clean blinds by taking them off the window and laying them in a tub of sudsy ammonia. Then hang over the tub to dry.

For venetian or mini blinds, saturate a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wrap around a rubber spatula to clean both a bottom and a top slat at the same time.

Or soak blinds in the tub and, wearing a pair of fabric garden gloves, wipe each slat clean. Then hang over tub to dry.

To clean window shades, dip a rough flannel cloth in flour or corn meal and wipe shades.

A soft eraser removes spots on shades.

Clear nail polish will repair small tears

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