Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tips Tuesday! Smart Ways to Use New Sponges!

Have a bag of new, clean sponges laying around? How about trying out some of these ideas.

1. Sprout Seeds! Start growing seeds indoors to delight kids! Soak a sponge in water, squeeze out excess and put on a plate. Fill holes with seeds, place in a window, mist every other day, then look for 'em to sprout! Once plants get to be about an inch tall, carefully lift out of the sponge and transplant into soil.

2. Swipe away lint! Forget a lint brush! Instead, brush your fuzz-covered garments or furniture with an unused cellulose sponge. The lint will practically jump off the fabric and onto the sponge.

3. Make your own gift wrap! Cut sponges into heart or star shapes, dip in paint and let you your kids decorate a brown grocery bag. When it's dry, you'll have unique wrapping paper for gifts!

4. Soften clothing! No need for a fabric softener ball! Dampen a sponge with fabric softener and toss into your washing machine. During the cycle, the sponge will slowly release the softener into your laundry for fresh, fluffy results!

5. Use up extra soap slivers! Cut a pocket through a sponge and slide small pieces of soap inside. Dampen the sponge and you'll have instant lather!

Great Idea! Keep your sponge fresh! Dampen your sponge and microwave it for two minutes. The heat will kill the germs and remove odors!

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