Monday, January 31, 2011

Must Have Monday! Stauffer's Original Animal Crackers

Everyone has some sort of "go to" food that they can't live without. Mine are Stauffer's Original Animal Crackers. I have bought a 14 oz bag at Walmart, Dollar Tree, pretty much anywhere since they have been around for a while...since 1871! They give me that sweetness without hardly any fat. I like to munch on these when I am dieting. Dieting you ask? Yes!! 16 crackers have only 2 grams of fat with no saturated fat :) Also, Stauffer's delivers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of their products.

I do 15 minute cleanings where I move at a very fast rate tidying and these are so nice to grab when I get my hunger pains. It is extremely easy to burn off the few fat grams and calories very quickly. I have lost 15 lb so far (along with my cleaning exercise) Gotta have them!!

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