Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Time Sunday! Board Games

As we grow, we tend to sometimes forget about the little things in life. Our children are here to remind us of those things :) Want something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon? How about blowing the dust off of those old board games!

In our house, we have a Family Game Night every other Friday evening, but Sunday is an awesome time to host one since everyone tends to be together on Sundays.

Here is a list of some of my all-time fave games that work well for adults as well as kids :)

Scattergories: Can't say enough about this it, just trust me on this one!!!

Uno Attack: I bust a gut every time I play this game. There is just something hysterical about listening to your children's laughter when someone gets hit with a ton of cards during their turn.

Upwords: A twist on the classic scrabble game.

Monopoly Jr: Doesn't take as long as regular Monopoly, but still gives you that " That's right...I own property" feel ;)

The Price is Right DVD Edition: This one is cool because it the "not so new" version before Drew Carey. You play it on the TV by way of DVD, but is kind of retro when you see the prizes they offer during the game.

The majority of these games I have purchased at our local Goodwill for $2 or less!! A nice "inexpensive" night of fun!!

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