Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special Time Sunday! Visit a Real Working Farm

Looking for something to do with the kiddies on a weekend? How about visiting a working farm! I'm not sure about in your area, but where I live we have a real working farm called The Spring House.

Take a tour....many working farms will allow you to tour the barn and milking area. During our tour, they even let us take a turn at milking a cow for a few seconds. Mark that one off of my bucket list!!

Sample!!! Most farms have a place where they sell their items; pies, cheeses, etc...

At our local working farm, they have a restaurant on the premises where they serve delicious home style dinners. Take a walk around inside and sample some of the best cheeses around! The milk and chocolate milk made right at the farm is their specialty! They also sell homemade baked goods, salads and have a small store with handmade items. This place reminds me to much of Amish Country!

This farm is made specifically for the kids :)

Outside of the restaurant, they have a large man made hill with a metal slide in the center that you can sit on a potato sack and take a ride down.

Sandboxes? No, they have corn kernel boxes :)

Tractors to climb on, large wheels to crawl through and a baby calf right on the property to pet (remember to use hand sanitizer) They also have a few different cutouts that you can stick your head through for a photo op of when you visited "The Spring House"

On a nice day, you can eat a picnic lunch in the landscaped yard. Don't forget to go inside for a big scoop of their many flavors of ice cream! On a rainy day, walk through the lunch line and pull up a chair for a game of checkers!!

A great idea for young and old :)


  1. Hop returning visitor- We have some family members who live on farms but today would be a cold one to visit. (ha ha)

    Take care,


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  4. I'm a sheep and arable farmer and during lambing I am always thinking I should open my farm up to visitors! We have 3 holiday cottages on the farm land and usually get children in them during lambing because it's the Easter holidays. Of course, all the children want to see the lambs and are green with envy when they see me bottle feeding any.

    CJ xx

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  6. Clay-Thanks for returning :) Yes, it would definitely be a cold one this time of year!

    Toesthattwinkle-I'm am glad you enjoy reading my blogs :)

    CJ, I would definitely visit that farm if I was near you. Children love that kind of thing. You could get a lot of business in the Spring with school field trips. The farm here even does birthday tours; you take the tour, make a craft and get to have an ice cream cone from their store :)

    Have a great day everyone!