Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Time Sunday! $10 day

One of the many things I love about our family is all of our special time together. We continue to choose from our "family fun box" every week like clockwork, as long as the kids keep up their end of the bargain; do their chores, homework without complaint, no back talking, etc...

$10 day was an idea put in by my 10 year old son, Genin. We put this one in our once a month box which is only chosen out of after my husband gets paid. 6 kids x $10 each comes to quite a bit so we definitely need to do it after payday.

We go to a local mall and browse around. The wonderful thing about $10 day is watching the creative things the kids do with this money. They can take it and go directly to the toy store and buy one large thing or they can spread it out all over. Arcades, candy stores, video games, etc... or sometimes they will even agree to add it all together to get something really large! Mostly, they split it up though...they think the more they take home in bags, the better. The looks on their faces when they can freely use $10 is priceless!!

Let them pay themselves, my kids think that is one of the most fun things about buying things. They pull out their wallet, hand the money and get their change.

$10 a little too much? Try it with $5.

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