Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Time Sunday! Valentine's Day Ideas

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, today would be a perfect day to come up with that ultimate v-day gift! In our family, we choose Valentine's Day to be the one day that is "non-commercial." We set a $20 limit and make our gifts. Here are some of my past ideas, feel free to use one :)

My husband loves a good dessert. I created a smores dessert in the oven one year which I displayed on the dining room table over a few tree branches and felt made fire. For the message to him, I propped up a note that said, "You set my heart on fire" Cheesy right?!! The cheesier the better! Keeps that extra little spark in the marriage.

More sophisticated? How about a candlelit wine and cheese party? Turn off all of the lights and light different sizes of candles. Cheese cubes, grapes and wine...Mmmm!

Like to make a Valentine dinner for your sweetie? How about pasta with heart shaped meatballs? Extremely easy to shape and bake. Your guy/girl will be really surprised to see shape to the meatballs. Don't forget salad and garlic bread!

Didn't want to leave this one out! How about love potion? Pink lemonade mixed with slightly melted vanilla ice cream and poured into skinny vases. Gorgeous display and a very different drinking glass :)

Use these ideas or some fun ones of your own :)


  1. Dede, got your message about the giveaway. Thanks for letting me know you've recieved the package. Acutally, I put in a "bonus" in the package for you. Since the postage is the same as sending just one, so I sent you an extra one I had on hand. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Thank you so much!! What a lovely surprise :) Have a Happy Valentine's Day!