Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What to do Wednesday! Let your child play with your hair!

I don't know about anyone else, but I absolutely LOVE when my kids play with my hair! It started 10 years ago with my first born and continues today with my younger children. Here is what I have done to make it easy :)

You could hit the dollar tree and buy some cheap combs and hair barrettes or step it up and do like I did. I had a small plastic basket I wasn't using. I made a trip to "Sally Beauty Supply" and found things to fill it for their own "Hair Stylist Supply Basket". I bought a vinyl with Velcro close hair catcher apron. I found some other cheap things they could use...plastic color bowl and brush, aluminum foil pieces, coloring bottle, squeeze shampoo bottle, spray bottle, hair clips, various combs, brushes, perm rods, appointment book and receipt book. Now, they have their own little business :)

I let them do it while I am working on the computer, that way, I am giving them some of my time while still accomplishing my daily goals. You could also go through those magazines stacking up or catch up on a good book while you are being beautified!

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