Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things to Make Thursday! Decoupage Heart Vase

I found this great craft on that is wonderful for Valentine's Day and easy enough that a teen girl could do it. Totally fun!!

Decoupage Heart Vase

You'll need:

One glass heart vase
Tissue paper in pink, red and white; cut into small squares
Mod-podge or other decoupage material
1-inch foam brush

Decoupage the vase by spreading the mod-podge on the glass, placing a piece of tissue paper on it and continuing until the whole vase is covered. Be sure to mix and match the colors as you go. You can do a second layer of tissue paper for lighter colors. After the vase is covered with tissue paper, spread mod-podge over the whole item to seal it.

This vase is so cute done up in colors that will match your teen's bedroom. You can also get a different shaped glass vase and do school colors for a fundraiser.

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