Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips Tuesday! Make the Most of Vet Visits

We all adore our little furry family members :) Here is an article I found in AllYou magazine, August 27, 2010 issue that ensures your pet gets the best treatment.

Make the most of vet visits

Call Ahead: Contact the vet's office to ask if you should bring anything (such as stool samples if your pet is having stomach issues), so you won't have to go back again a few days later.

Shoot a Video: Capture your pet in the middle of a health or behavioral issue (like continually licking one spot on its paw) with a camera. This can help your vet diagnose the problem.

Ease Fears: Does your pet see its carrier and run away? The day before the visit to the vet's office, pull out the crate and let your pet explore it. That way, the carrier probably won't seem as scary.

Bring a Notebook: It's a good idea to take notes at the visit to help you remember your vet's recommendations. Also bring any questions you have about your cat's or dog's health.

Pay Close Attention at the Appointment: A cell phone is a common distraction. Turn it off so you're not tempted to answer it or text during the visit.

Avoid visits in the first place: Call your vet before treating your animal yourself (such as with human painkillers), so you don't end up with a crisis on your hands.

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