Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wellness Wednesday! Diet Danger Zones

It is "Wellness Wednesday"! I fount this article in Parenting magazine, September 2010 issue.

Diet Danger Zones

There are certain times in life when blowing your diet seems inevitable, Heidi Skolnik, New York City nutritionist, author of Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance, and a busy mom, tells us when to tread carefully.

A short night's sleep. A new study has found that people eat an additional 560 calories (the approximate amount in a venti Java Chip Frappuccino) during the day after getting four hours of sleep as compared to eight. So when you shortchange yourself on shut-eye, go ahead and snack a bit more between meals, but reach for low-cal, high-fiber items (such as air-popped popcorn) and fruit (like strawberries and blueberries.)

Birthday parties. There's rarely healthy food available for the adults, and that cake looks sooooo good. Try filling up on a satisfying meal beforehand: helping to plate the cake (your hands will have a job to do that doesn't involve your mouth): or standing far from the table and engaging another parent in some delicious conversation.

That time of the month. Appetite does increase slightly in the week before your period--but luckily, so does your metabolism. (The key word here is slightly: it doesn't justify a pantry raid.) To tame cravings, increase your lean protein an ounce or two at each meal. And plan snacks so you don't get famished between meals: a small handful of nuts paired with a piece of fruit, or carrot sticks and hummus.

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