Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! Reasons Fall is Fabulous

I found another great top ten list from Parenting magazine, October 2010 issue.

Top Ten Reasons Fall is Fabulous

1. Hello? Do we need to say it? School

2. Fall clothes come in the same colors as your kids' food stains--chocolate brown, fruit-punch red, and mac-and-cheese orange. Way to save on colorsafe bleach!

3. You get to carve jack-o'-lanterns--the only time seeing a snaggletoothed smile in your home doesn't make you fear an $8,500 orthodontist bill.

4. The thrill of new crayons.

5. It gets dark earlier. It's easier to get the kids to bed earlier. You get to go to bed earlier.

6. Nothing smells better than a kid who's just jumped in a leaf pile.

7. All your favorite shows are finally back! Come on, don't you want to know if Will and Emma hook up on Glee?

8. Trick-or-treating, that blessed evening when sleep-deprived moms who look like zombies simply blend in with the crowd.

9. We're suckers for the sight of little kids in footy pajamas.

10. Hot cider, Hot cocoa. And for moms, a hot toddy.

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