Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Idea Friday! 10 Great Ideas for Summer Get-Togethers

I found an article in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, June 2010 issue which listed 40 Fun Ideas for great summer get-togethers. Thought I would just share a piece of it with you and then maybe some more at a later time :)

1. Bring the beach to your backyard. Use a colorful beach towel as a table runner. Line a tray with crafts store beach glass and candles.

2. Ask guests to bring a favorite summer book or two to swap at the party. It's a conversation starter, party activity, and take-home gift all in one.

3. Instead of cramming everyone around one table, put out a large blanket on the lawn and let kids eat picnic-style, while the adults enjoy some peace and quiet at their own table.

4. Throw rosemary or other fresh herbs onto the charcoal when you're grilling. They'll lightly scent the air and flavor the food.

5. Drape beach towels over the backs of patio and lawn chairs. It makes them look more festive and feel more comfy for extended periods of sitting. Plus, the towels disguise mismatched or worn furniture.

6. Delight everyone's inner child by setting up a lemonade stand-no charge this time around-at your next party. Serve plain and flavored lemonade in big glass jars. Set out chunks of fruit for skewering, plus ginger syrup for a flavor twist. for the grown-ups, try a lemonade spritzer: Mix 1 part sparkling wine with 2 parts lemonade.

7. Lights give an evening party instant ambiance. Take your holiday string lights out of storage and run them along fences and deck railings, in trees and around trunks. (Leaves help obscure the cords) For a high-impact display, hang a cluster of globe-shape paper lanterns from tree branches with fishing line. Fit them with battery-operated lantern lights and you won't have to worry about cords. Come dusk, just flip the switches and listen to the oohs and aahs.

8. As if long days and warm weather aren't reason enough to get together, these party themes offer another nudge: Beat the Heat! Gather in the early evening, when the sun is less scorching. Set up a salad bar and serve icy drinks and Popsicles. Provide water guns and set up refill stations (buckets of water) around the yard.

9. All-Star Game! This July 13, celebrate America's pastime whichever league you root for. Serve hot dogs will all the fixings and frozen malt cups. Play stadium music pre-and post-game.

10. Stargazing! The sky's the limit when you use an astronomical event-be it a full moon or a minor meteor shower-an inspiration for after-dark party. Find a list of celestial events at

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