Friday, July 2, 2010

FYI Friday...6 Facts about Clogs

I have definitely had my share of clogs this year. From the washing machine hose to the boat sailing out of the kids toilet. I was really excited to see this article in Woman's Day, Issue April 17, 2010...I was really not in the know when it comes to toilets!

6 Facts About Clogs

1. Clogs damage pipes-They solidify, become highly corrovisve and then the pipe. Damaged pipes can burst and cause serious home damage. So...

2. All clogs should be cleared immediately-Clogs are like traffic jams: More traffic only makes it worse. you to address the cause.

3. Garbage disposals are a major cause-Disposals should only be sued for plate scraps. Sink pipes are 1.5" wide-too small for solid items, which clog the pipe where all the household lines meet.

4. Don't flush tissue or paper towel-Their fibers are designed to cling together when they hit water. Toilet paper is designed to seperate in water; that's why it's OK.

5. Toilets from the mid-90's are big cloggers-When the government required 1.6 gallons per flush in 1995, some toilet manufacturers simply made the hole smaller. Newer toilets are better.

6. You can prevent most clogs-Use soap sparingly, and only allow water, natural waste and toilet paper to enter pipes.

What do you know?! I have learned something new. I had no idea that you couldn't flush tissues. That has always been the backup when the tp roll runs dry! Who would have thought that the 90's were not just famous for Beanie Babies, but toilets with smaller holes! Crazy!!

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