Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wellness Wednesday! Don't Forget your Drink!

I really liked finding this article since sometimes I am so busy, I forget to eat and drink. I is that possible?! With 6 kids, I would have to install a drive through window for a quick sip or bite because I never slow down! But I have to also take into consideration what are the right beverages when it comes to replenishing..which beverages keep the weight off?

July 23, 2010 issue AllYou Magazine

It's essential to track your liquid caloric intake because studies show that people don't eat less to compensate for calories they drink.

First Place! Water, Seltzer-These zero-calorie sippers provide plenty of hydration. If you don't like them straight up, add a wedge of citrus fruit.

Second Place! Tea, Coffee, and Skim Milk-Tea and coffee both offer antioxidants and caffeine (which can be healthy in moderation). Skim milk is loaded with calcium.

Third Place! 100 Percent Fruit Juice-Yes, they do contain vitamins and minerals but also lots of calories, and juices don't provide the fiber that whole fruit does.

Last Place! Soda-With no health value but plenty of calories, some nutritionists call soda pop a "liquid candy." Diet soda is better but still on the negative side of the ledger.

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