Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Saving Monday! Find Savings in the Bedroom

For me, keeping a beautiful house is a never ending project. Having a degree in Interior Design, I constantly have thoughts going through my head about what needs to be redesigned or just slightly updated. That is on top of the fact that I have 6 kids and have to work very hard to just keep the house tidy, clean...basically in some sort of order. Sometimes my thoughts in design come so quickly that they end up a jumbled mess in my head and I have to try to sort them all out, separate them...categorize if you will. That is why it is so refreshing to just come across articles in magazines that put it all together for me so I can put my thoughts on the back burner just for a moment and breathe...

Here is a piece of an article I found in allyou magazine, June 18, 2010 issue.

Find savings all around the house: Save money in the bedroom

Redecorate for less. You don't have to spring for new furniture to give this room a makeover. Just update the rooms centerpiece: the bed. Pick up a comforter or duvet cover, matching sheets and pillow shams that you find on sale.

Spruce up bedroom windows. From time to time, department stores such as JCPenney and Sear's heavily discount curtains and blinds (up to 80 percent off). Make friends with an employee and ask when a clearance sale will be taking place.

Love you linens. Buy better sheets without paying a lot. Watch for semiannual bedding blowouts to get deep discounts at retailers--many hold a Memorial Day sale., and similar sites are the best online sources for high-quality sheets (and other items such as comforters, towels and curtains) at low prices; check them regularly.

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