Monday, July 12, 2010

Must Have Monday! Tools

Found this article in Woman's Day Magazine, April 17, 2010 issue.

Most repairs consist of taking something apart, replacing the defective part and putting it back together. Easy. With the proper tools, that is. Bare hands are only so effective against wood and metal. Here are the tools you really need to own, along with the good to have around extras.

1. Pliers
A. Large slip-joint
B. Long nose
C. Needle nose

2. Multi-bit Ratchet Screwdriver
(the ratchets let you tighten without picking up the screwdriver after each turn. Look for a set with 8-10 Phillips and Flathead bits)

3. Hammer
A. Lightweight
B. Heavyweight

4. Adjustable Wrench
A. Large
B. Small

5. Putty Knife

6. Awl (This sharp point of metal with a handle is ideal when you need "something sharp")

7. Hex Keys (Some screws have a six-sided indentation on top. Hex keys fit in there to tighten them. Also called Allen wrenches; common in Ikea furniture)

8. Combination Square
(The all-in-one measuring tool for hanging anything--it's a level, protractor and ruler)

9. Tape Measure

*Bonus Tools*

10. 2 Pipe Wrenches
(Just like normal ones, but bigger, for pipes)

11. Power Drill & Drill Bit Set
(The drills marketed to women are often less powerful. Get a guy's drill, and make sure it fits comfortably in your hand. Corded drills are more powerful while cordless are portable)

*Extra Helpers*

12. Assorted Fasteners Kit (hooks and screws for hanging pictures)
13. Picture Hanging Wire
14. WD-40
15. Liquid Cement
16. Stud Finder
17. C-Clamp
18. Rubber Jar Opener
19. Magnet
20. Gloves (rubber kitchen gloves and work gloves)
21. Safety Goggles

*Where to buy them*

Quality tools last forever. And, luckily, repair hobbyists tend to over collect. Garage sales are meccas of $1-$3 tool hunting. Bring this checklist and your toolbox along with you, and fill er' up. Look for metal tools that are heavy in your hand and feel sturdy. Avoid plastic.

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