Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! How Having Kids is like Being a Wall Street Tycoon

Found this top ten list in Parenting magazine.

How Having Kids is like Being a Wall Street Tycoon

1. Your gross domestic product rises dramatically...as evidenced by the daily pailful of dirty diapers.

2. You have weekly board meetings...what's family night without Scrabble or Monopoly?

3. You're the subject of a hostile takeover...really, why should you be able to have a full night's sleep without a toddler showing up to hog your pillow and steal the blankets?

4. You're sentenced to several years in a maximum-security facility...and it's funny how your preschooler is better at opening the safety gates and drawer latches than you are.

5. You keep a sharp eye on interest rates...in green veggies, educational television, and chores.

6. You dole out sweet bonuses...hey, a handful of Froot Loops can work wonders on a kid who won't get into her booster seat.

7. You're on constant market watch...because with what your tween son eats these days, a sale on hamburger is a very big deal.

8. You gladly accept a bailout..thanks for babysitting, Grandma!

9. Your bonds are extremely rewarding...and every group snuggle on the couch reminds you.

10. You're all about the perks...since you can't get through a day without five cups of coffee.

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