Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Sunday! Summer things to do...

Found these ideas of things to do in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, June 2010 issue.

Breathe in the romance of the season's most fragrant flowers. Then exhale....Watch the spin of a colorful pinwheel, spend a lazy day at the beach, and bring your camera. Moments like these should last forever.

Things to do this month:

1. Go for a spin...It's nice outside! Lose the Wii under a sofa cushion for one night and make your own family fun. Need inspiration? The book Make These Toys by Heather Swain offers 101 creations crafted from everyday objects such as pinwheels..a delightfully simple combo of colorful paper, wind corks, pushpins and chopsticks.

2. Holey Holidays! Homer Simpson has this one right: Mmmm...doughnuts! They're the summer's hot dessert (you'll even find em' at restaurants). Here's a sweet way to end a meal: Build a sundae with a cake doughnut topped with ice cream.

3. Alfresco Flicks! On June 6, 1933, a creative New Jerseyan strung a bed sheet between two trees, and the drive-in theater was born. Find your own movie magic at

4. Check out this Tweet! A walk among the warblers is just one of the outdoor activities you can explore as part of the National Wildlife Federation's Green Hour initiative. Discover plenty more ways to go a little wild (and unplug for an hour each day) at

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