Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something you may not know Sunday! How to Dress for the Office Now

I found the insider's guide to style in the June 2010 issue of Allure magazine. The article gives you a nice guide in to how to dress for the office during the summer season :)

Still being summer, you can't hide behind layers and lots of black--instead, you have to make the most of just a few lighter pieces.

Color it in: Mixing different bold colors on the top and bottom of an ensemble can make a big statement without a lot of fuss or tricks. My favorite approach is color-blocking a bright hue and a neutral. It looks refreshing--pale nude with aquamarine is particularly pretty.

Vary your neutrals: At the height of summer heat, I really love deep browns in cotton poplin--just don't wear any black with it. And people think wearing white in summer means pants, but try a crisp white blazer over a printed dress instead.

Nip your waist: Tuck a loose blouse into wide trousers or a simple skirt. The waistband should sit right at your natural waist, which keep the line trim and narrow.

Take it easy: One of the best things about summer is meeting friends after work for drinks or dinner outdoors. Wearing a silk dress in a bold color and subtle print makes the transition effortless.

*Tip* How to prevent a blister-When new shoes rub against bare feet and you don't have a bandage, use a piece of clear tape or a thick layer of ChapStick to create a barrier between the shoe and your skin.


Nude Shoes: If you want to make your legs appear long, match your shoes to your skin tone. They can be chunky or detailed, and platforms don't hurt, either.

Bright Bag: A large bag can be necessary in summer, in case of a quick shoe change or a weekend escape. A bright color can make a big bag look less heavy.

Navy Blue: The perfect summer alternative to black--navy goes with any color, particularly bold red. Choose pieces that float away from the body.

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