Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! Oscars you Ought to Win

Though I create my own top ten lists all of the time, I still love to borrow Parenting magazines on occasion. This is one of the lists I found in Parenting magazine, March 2010 issue.

Parenting Top Ten Oscars you ought to win

1. Music (original score): for teaching your kids to sing the real version of "Jingle Bells," not the one where Batman smells and Robin lays an egg.

2. Best Director: for organizing a month long PTA fund-raiser that actually raised funds--slacker parents and the recession be damned.

3. Makeup: for applying enough under-eye concealer to avoid looking like the Crypt Keeper after a sleepless night tending a croupy kid.

4. Art Direction: for getting the kids to make a "Welcome Grandma" banner without a single fight breaking out over using the red crayon.

5. Best Supporting Actress: for sitting on the bleachers every Saturday, just to cheer like crazy for the seven minutes your son makes it onto the soccer field.

6. Sound Mixing: for talking loudly enough that your tween actually heard you over his iPod--and, in fact, listened to what you had to say.

7. Sound Editing: for stealthily removing the Care Bear's batteries, then telling your son that Tenderheart lost his voice and needs to rest for a day.

8. Costume Design: for the Hannah Montana getup you made your daughter from a mop head and cheap jewelry minutes before the Halloween parade.

9. Cinematography: for capturing five full minutes of your family on video during which no child sticks a finger up his nose or crosses his eyes.

10. Picture of the Year: for the one you snapped of your husband and kids--the one that reminds you why, craziness aside, this is the happiest time of your life.

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