Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! Things That Will Happen This Summer

I tore this one out of the July 2010 issue of Parenting magazine. I thought I would keep it around until the end of the summer and then you could glance at it and figure out if you followed this list unknowingly :0)

Things That Will Happen This Summer

1. Your kids will finally stop asking you when school is ending!! (And three hours later, start complaining that they're bored.)

2. No matter how quickly the egg salad warms up at your backyard picnic, the kiddie pool will remain ice-cold.

3. The ice cream man will be absent all day--until you've got eight neighborhood kids over and you're the only one in sight with a wallet.

4. Regardless of how well you package your lunch for the beach, and how carefully you'll eat it, you'll discover how the sandwich got its name.

5. You'll learn what your ER deductible is (and your toddler will find out that there are certain places you just can't put sidewalk chalk).

6. Your husband will lose the beach towels. We're not trying to make you laugh here. He just will, okay?

7. You're going to leave something behind at your rental condo--your kid's lovey, you sanity, or your security deposit.

8. The only thing that'll be smokin' hot in your tankini is your bare thighs--then they touch the sizzling car seat.

9. You'll realize it's a shame to forget some things, like the smell of honeysuckle--or a wet swimsuit at the bottom of your favorite beach bag.

10. The leaves will turn and your kids will head off to school and stop complaining they're board (and start asking when it'll be summer again).

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