Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tip Tuesday! Clean and Save: Add Gleam to your Bathroom

I have already posted the first 10 tips in a past blog from this fast fix article found in the June 19 issue of AllYou magazine. These are tips 11-20, #11 being the last tip from "Make the kitchen sparkle" , 12-18 from "Add gleam to your bathroom" and 19-20 under "Polish up the living room". Enjoy these great tips!

Make the Kitchen Sparkle

11. Floss Often: Remove debris from the cutting disc on your electric can opener with dental floss.

Add Gleam to your Bathroom

12. Use a substitute: Try Listerine mouthwash if you're out of floor cleaner. Add a capful to a gallon of water and mop vinyl or tile--but not wood--floors with the mixture. The same product that kills bad-breath germs also zaps the gunk beneath your feet.

13. Clean in between: Grab a few disinfecting wipes to give faucets, sinks, tubs, toilet seats--you name it--a daily touch-up.

14. Pretreat: After going over your bathtub, sink or shower with disinfectant, wipe the area with baby oil or lemon oil. Do this once or twice a month, and it will help dirty water bead and roll down the drain faster, buying you more time before the next cleaning.

15. Scrubbing bubbles: Freshen the toilet bowl with effervescent tablets (denture or antacid) in between scourings. Drop two in the water, let soak for at least 20 minutes, then brush and flush. A can of cola dumped in for one hour also does the trick. The phosphoric acid in the beverage removes rust rings and other mineral deposits.

16. Shine on: Get rid of lime buildup on sinks by soaking an old rage in vinegar, then wrapping it around the faucet and clasping with a hair clip. Let sit for an hour, then take off rag and dry faucet.

17. Lose the spots: Combat mold and mildew on tiles and shower curtains with a past of equal parts lemon juice and baking powder. Spread on the mixture, leave to two hours, then rinse.

18. Mist away: Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar to clean chrome and stainless-steel fixtures, and to remove scum, grim, and mildew from your bathtub, tile or shower curtain.

Polish up the Living Room

19. Dust tough-to-clean items: A dry paintbrush (with bristles at least 3 inches long) is great for both the surface and grooves of your collectibles. Dust framed photos with a pastry brush, which is softer than a paintbrush and easier to dip into corners and places that are difficult to reach.

20. Revive canvases: Cut the crust off a piece of white bread, squish the bread into a doughy ball and use it to gently dab the surface of paintings (but not valuable or antique works). Once the ball is covered with dirt and grime, start again with a new slice. Use a pastry brush (or another soft-bristled brush) to clear off any crumbs.

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