Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things "He" Taught Me Thursday! Getting down and dirty

Wow! I never would have thought that my husband could be better at household chores than me...well not all of them anyway. I am still the reigning domestic goddess :) I found this article in Woman's Day magazine, issue June 2010. Check it out!

Think women clean circles around men? Think again. Here are six ways men clean better than us.

In the Kitchen

You: Wash the floor with a bucket of water and a mop.
He: Washes the floor with a spray bottle and a mop.
Why his way is Better: Rather than lugging around a heavy bucket full of dirty water that you have to keep emptying and refilling, you can spritz, wipe and move on.

You: Notice a smudge on the oven door and wipe down the whole door.
He: Notices the smudge and wipes only it.
Why his way is Better: Spot-cleaning saves time. Period.

In the Bathroom

You: Have a pile of old rags under the sink that you use whenever you clean.
He: Uses color-coded microfiber cloths.
Why his way is better: Microfiber is good on grime, and coding cloths halts germs. So do the same: yellow for the sink, red for the toilet.

You: Pour cleaner in the toilet bowl and start scrubbing with the toilet brush.
He: Pours cleaner in after "pushing" and plunging bowl water back into the tank with the toilet brush.
Why is way is better: This lets you really wash the bowl without the water getting in the way and diluting your cleaning product.

In the Bedroom and Family Room

You: Makes the bed right after you wake up.
He: Makes the bed after his morning routine.
Why his way is better: Moisture from body heat makes your mattress more attractive to dust mites. Leaving your bed unmade for about an hour lets it dry out.

You: Use paper towels to dust.
He: Use the vacuum's brush attachments to power-dust barer floors, headboards, lampshades, more.
Why his way is better: Paper towels are ineffective. They don't collect as much dust as you think.

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