Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things "He" Taught Me Thursday! Part 2

Last week I posted an article called, Things "He" Taught Me, Getting down and dirty. I have a few more that people wrote in to add to the list.

My husband taught me...

"...that carpet stain remover also works on furniture upholstery and clothes. He suggested I use some on my favorite pink suit to get out a black Sharpie ink spot, and the mark vanished. Who knew?"

" to clean our cast iron skillet. He said to just spinkle kosher salt in the skillet, then wipe it with a sponge. I'd never heard of this before, but the salt really does absorb the oil and get food off."

"...a better way to keep our wood floors spotless. I now use a large janitorial dust broom that he bought for me at an industrial supply store. Even if the kids push it around the house sloppily, it still picks up most of the dog hair, dust and dirt."

"...that I didn't need to buy a special spot remover when we got a dark stain on our light-colored carpet. He said to just use laundry stain remover--and he was right, it worked! We haven't bought a carpet cleaner since.

" always put like utensils together when loading the dishwasher: forks with forks, spoons with spoons, and so on. This way, you save time when your unloading."

Did you know? On an average day, only 20% of men in the U.S. do housework, such as cleaning or laundry.

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