Friday, October 8, 2010

Freebie Friday! Mark Your Calendars

Be sure to mark your calendars so you don't miss out on these freebies!! I found this tip strip in the August 27, 2010 issue of AllYou magazine.

Mark your calendars

Based on 2010's best free-for-all events, keep an eye on these days in 2011.

National Pancake Day: IHOP typically dishes out free pancakes on Fat Tuesday. After eating, consider making a donation to the Children's Miracle Network. For details, visit

Free Pastry Day: This year, Starbucks served up free pastries on March 23. See if the same deal exists next year by checking around that date.

Free Cone Day: Also on March 23, Ben and Jerry's gave away ice cream to thank customers for their loyalty. Check for future offers.

Tax Day: Shops such as Cinnabon and Taco del Mar treated taxpayers to free goods on April 15. Google "tax day freebies" for updated lists in early April.

Earth Day: There's bound to be a slew of freebies on April 22. To celebrate this year, Disney stores and Babies 'R' Us were among the retailers peddling free eco-friendly fare.

National Pretzel Day: Prezelmaker offered a free pretzel (salted or unsalted) to those who stopped by their local shop on April 26. Find out more at

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