Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! Things We Know We Shouldn't Do--But Do Anyway

I found another great top ten list in Parenting magazine, August 2010 issue.

Things We Know We Shouldn't Do--But Do Anyway

1. Fib that Bunny Lala got a brand new fur coat when you accidentally shredded the real Bunny Lala in the dryer and bought a look-alike.

2. Say you're out of mac 'n' cheese to avoid having the fifth "but you need protein" fight that week.

3. Crack up at how crazy-funny your toddler looks when she's having a tantrum.

4. Set the clocks ahead an hour so it's "bedtime," just because you need some silence.

5. Sit back and let your kid be hyper-loud in the yard because it annoys your mean neighbor lady so much.

6. Give in and let the kids paint the dog's nails because you're too tired to come up with a reason not to.

7. Funnel the birthday checks from the grandparents directly into the college fund without telling your kids. They need an education more than another Littlest Pet Shop toy.

8. Lie to your 10-year-old about what Lady Gaga means when she sings that she wants to "take a ride on your disco stick"

9. Terrify expectant moms with life-as-you-know-it-is-over stories. It's true, and they'll find out soon enough.

10. Tell each sibling that she's the special one...and mean it.

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