Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tips Tuesday! Toss It

Ever wonder what to do with that old electronic? Batteries have you confused when it comes to the environment? I found this article in the June 18, 2010 issue of AllYou magazine that gives us the best tips on how to deal with tossing items.

If it's broken or unsafe, get rid of it. But remember that some items should be recycled or trashed in a specific way. Ask what your local landfill will accept, and learn required disposal methods. These articles generally need special handling.

The item: Batteries

How to discard: Batteries--both alkaline and rechargeable--contain metals that harm the earth. Check the manufacturer's Web site to see if trashing them is OK, but it's usually best to recycle them. Take recyclables to Staples, or find a drop-off center at earth911.com

The item: CFL light bulbs

How to discard: When a compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb burns out, place it in a plastic bag and then in an orange CFL recycling bin at any Home Depot location.

The item: Financial documents

How to discard: The safest way to discard important papers is to shred them. Keep bank statements for six years and bills for one year, unless they're tax-related, in which case hold on to them for six years (along with your tax returns). Toss paycheck stubs after six months.

The item: Latex-based paint

How to discard: Pour paint into a tray or box filled with kitty litter or sawdust, then toss. Recycle the cans.

The item: Ink cartridges

How to discard: Recycle them at Staples--and receive $2 back per cartridge in Staples Rewards.

The item: Electronics

How to discard: You TV and computer contain parts too hazardous to dump. You can recycle electronic devices at Best Buy stores for Free. Before getting rid of a computer, erase its hard drive (learn how at geeksquad.com).

The item: Medications

How to discard: Flushing meds down the toilet or placing them loose in trash raises the risk of water contamination. See if your pharmacy has a medication disposal program, or ask about special sealable disposal bags.

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