Friday, September 17, 2010

Freebie Friday! Pick up samples on the fly!

I love my freebies as I have said more than once in blogs. I found this small article on where to look for those freebies that are not out advertising themselves in the April 27, 2010 issue of AllYou magazine.

Not all freebies require signing up in advance. Remember these likely locales for on-the-spot handouts.

The Dentist's Office: If you hygienist or dentist doesn't offer you a free toothbrush, toothpaste or floss, there's no harm in asking.

At Games: Before planning a trip to the ballpark or ice rink, look up the schedule online. Many venues give away caps or other souvenirs on specified dates.

In Department Stores: Cosmetics and fragrance counters always let you sample products.

At the Doctor's Office: When your physician writes you a prescription, ask for a free sample of the medication. Doctors often have extras.

At Ice Cream Shops: Can't decide between strawberry or chocolate? Simply request a couple of itty-bitty bites to sway your choice.

In Cosmetic Stores: Sephora and the Body Shop have been known to offer a free lip gloss or lotion sample. There's no guarantee, but it's worth a shot to inquire.

At Events: Sign up for tastings at a local wine shop, or swing by an art gallery opening for a little culture along with some light appetizers and drinks.

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