Saturday, September 11, 2010

Solutions Saturday! It Worked for Me!

I love reading about random solutions that people have figured out for everyday things in life. I found this article of great solutions in Parents magazine, December 2009 issue.

Paint Job: Children tend to draw on walls. For quick touch-ups, pour a small amount of paint from each room into the sections of a pill case. When you need to cover up your child's "art," you don't have to dig around for cans of paint.

Main Squeeze: Kids love to eat squeezable yogurt but struggle to get it all out. Put toothpaste squeezers on the tubes so they can push yogurt up by themselves and so they don't waste any of the yummy snack.

Band Together: To store your daughter's tiny hair accessories, buy bead boxes with safety locks so you don't have to worry about her getting inside.

Tooth Tip: Reuse small zip-top bags that house extra buttons on new garments for your kids' baby teeth. Date each bag and tuck it into a memory box.

Waiting Game: When you go to your pediatrician's office, you can often sit in the exam room for up to 15 minutes. To keep your kids busy, give them stickers to put on the exam-table paper, which they throw away.

Milk Believe: Some kids put up a fight when you try to get them to drink their milk so draw a picture of Frosty the Snowman, a child's favorite character, on the jug and call it "Frosty Milk." Now they'll drink it right away because they see Frosty on the container.

Take Cover: Carry along a silicone baking sheet to use as a place mat whenever you go out to eat. Because it's sticky, it stays in place on the restaurant table, and keeps your child's eating space clean especially if you have a toddler that eats straight off of the table. Plus you can roll it up quickly and stash in your bag.

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