Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips Tuesday! It Worked For Me!

I found this random section of tips in the February 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

Work of Art: Have a child who loves to finger paint, but are overwhelmed on how to display the artwork? Decoupage your favorite paintings onto a four-foot canvas and hang it up in your living room for all to enjoy :)

In the Bag: To make packing the diaper bag easier, attach a luggage tag to the strap and insert a list of necessary items. It serves a great checklist before you head out!

Rest Stop: Using public restrooms can scare some kids due to the auto-flush toilets triggering before they are done. Stick one sheet of a self-stick note pad over the sensor before they get on the potty to keep it from flushing early.

Better Bandages: Licensed character bandages can be expensive so draw your own shapes and scenes on plain ones. Your kids may like them even more and it is a great way to distract them from their boo-boo!

Smart Cookie: Play-Doh is a great "kid's favorite" thing to play with, but preventing it from falling on the floor is often a problem. Give your child a metal cookie tray to build their Play-Doh projects on and the high edges keep everything contained.

Color Scheme: Do your kids enjoy coloring while eating out? Keep a few crayons in a travel soap dish in your diaper bag just in case the restaurant doesn't have any on hand.

Made for Shade: Instead of tossing the beautiful bumper that came with your child's bedding set, repurpose it as a matching valance if you have a window in the nursery. All you need to do is remove the stuffing.

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