Thursday, September 9, 2010

Think Thursday! Copycat Cures

With 6 kids, I deal with a lot of tormenting from each child to another quite often. One of the very worst is the copycat game because it is just plain annoying! I found this article under the ages & stages: 5 to 6 years section of Parenting magazine, August 2010 issue. Check it out and do it quick because they are ready to start it up again!!

"Chandler, stop copying me," Taylor, 9, begged. "Chandler, stop copying me," chandler, 5 responded. The copycat game is a classic way for sibs to torment each other, says Debbie Glasser, Ph.D., founder of Finally, how to stop the parroting.

Tune it out: Kids this age realize they can use words to get a strong reaction from people and give themselves the upper hand. But if you ignore the behavior and the complaints, they'll lose steam fast. (Be sure to tell the child who's being copied to ignore his sibling, too, It may not be what he wants to hear, but it's still good advice.)

Look for patterns: Do they start up when they're bored before dinner? Stock up on joke books so they can play more productive word games instead.

Put it in perspective: Sibling fights are inevitable, and they're not always a bad thing: Your kids get a chance to practice resolving differences on their own.

Keep a sense of humor: If you can laugh about it later, laugh about it now.

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