Monday, September 20, 2010

Myth Monday! 4 Lice Myths

With school in session, I think all mothers are at constant fear over lice. I found this article in Parenting magazine, Sept. 2010 issue that will calm those fears for us.

4 Lice Myths

Learn the truth about those little buggers (they're gross, but not as bad as you think!). Barbara Frankowski, M.D., a professor of pediatrics at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, helps us bust common head-bug beliefs.

Myth 1: Lice are incredibly contagious.
Fact: It takes close, head-to-head contact for lice to spread, says Dr. Frankowski. Plus, lice can live on an object like a comb, hat, or pillow for only about 24 hours--a very small window of time.

Myth 2: Lice are resistant to the available treatments.
Fact: Many over-the-counter remedies usually work fine, insists Dr. Frankowski, as do homespun fixes. She recommends applying Cetaphil cleanser to the head and leaving it on overnight to suffocate the lice. Then shampoo, and comb out the dead pests. The key is to repeat whatever treatment you choose at least twice (a third time might be necessary), spaced a week apart, to ensure you get any eggs that may hatch in the interim.

Myth 3: If you child gets lice, you need to wash everything.
Fact: "It can't hurt to wash bedding and hats," says Dr. Frankowski, noting that one study found lice on only 4 percent of the pillowcases of infested people. "But you don't need to go to Herculean efforts to clean everything."

Myth 4: Lice are a sign of bad hygiene.
Fact: The tiny insects don't signal that your kid is "dirty," and they don't harm him in any way. Point is: Relax! If lice happen, you deal, and life goes on.

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