Monday, September 6, 2010

Money Saving Monday! Save Money on Canine Care

Having an animal can be very costly sometimes, especially if you choose to take in more than one of them! I, for one, am always trying to come up with ways to save on the little guys that are always a loyal best friend :) I found this great article in AllYou magazine, issue Aug 27, 2010.

Save Money on Canine Care

Spend less cash on your dog with these five tips

Go online for prescriptions: Pet-supply websites such as 1800petmeds. com buy medications in bulk from suppliers (vets usually purchase only enough to stock their office). That significantly lowers the cost of many medications.

Care for your pet's teeth: If you do regular dental care at home, you can stretch out the time between costly professional vet cleanings. Wrap some gauze around your finger and swipe your pet's teeth every day. And be sure to ask your vet if your pet needs a professional cleaning; gingivitis can damage the animal's kidneys, requiring expensive treatment.

Cut your pet food bill: Many owners overfeed their animals, leading to obesity. Consult with your vet about how much food your dog really needs. Feeding a smaller amount can improve your pet's health and save you money.

Don't skimp on prevention: You might think you're conserving cash by not giving your dog preventive medications such as heart worm tablets, but if you pup gets sick, you'll end up paying a considerable amount for treatment. Heart worm disease, for example, costs about $1,000 to treat.

Think about insurance: You can save a lot of money with pet insurance--the majority of companies cover 50 percent of your total vet bill (both procedures and medications). But more insurers won't cover a pet with a preexisting condition, so it's important to sign up your dog when it's still young and healthy.

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