Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something you may not know Sunday! Can kids be a little autistic?

There can always be a little confusion when it comes to your child's personality. Are they just shy? Backward? Could there be something else? I found this article in Parenting magazine, August 2010 issue.

Can kids be a little autistic?

If you've ever checked one or two of the boxes on your autism red-flag list, but then never bothered to speak to your pediatrician about it because your child didn't seem to exhibit any of the other symptoms, read on...

Recent research shows that for every kid who receives an actual autism diagnosis, there's another who has autistic traits--including repetitive behaviors and communication problems--but is not found to have the disorder. For a diagnosis to be made, a child must exhibit a certain number and severity level of these characteristics. "But lots of kids suffer from impairing autistic traits, even though they may not meet the full criteria," says Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D., chief science officer for the national advocacy group Autism Speaks. The good new is that there are excellent new treatment options for these kids. Follow your instincts, says Dawson, and talk to your pediatrician if you think your child has trouble in even just one of the following areas: "Parents are really good at recognizing symptoms early on. They just need to act on that gut feeling."


___Difficulty forming relationships with peers

___Doesn't show empathy toward others

___Inability to understand and participate in give-and-take activities like sharing toys.

___Trouble reading and responding to social cues

___Exhibits extreme distress over minor changes in routine

___Has an overly narrow area of focus when playing or a very restricted range of interests

___is significantly verbally or developmentally behind for his age

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