Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tips Tuesday! Sew A Button

Who can't sew a button?! Believe it or not, I have come across some who cannot! I learned in the 8th grade when I took Home Ec knowing that one day I would find use. Having 6 kids and a husband, I have found that I have sewn many a button! I found this "Everyday Things You Need To Know" article in Woman's Day magazine, April 17, 2010 issue.

Sew A Button

Step 1: Gather your supplies--the button, a needle, about 2 feet of matching thread and a pair of scissors. (Tip: To make needle-threading easier, cut the thread at an angle.)

Step 2: Thread the needle. Knot the ends together by making a loop and pulling the ends through. Knot once more.

Step 3: Locate your button's proper spot. Push the needle through the back of the fabric to the front, pulling the thread all the way. Slide the button down the thread to meet the fabric.

Step 4: Once your button is in place and the holes lined up, push your needle down through the opposite hole and out the back of the fabric. Repeat four times. Four-hole button? Use either the adjacent or diagonal hole (check to see how the other buttons were done). Move on to the next hole pair and repeat.

Step 5: Push needle up through the back of the fabric to the front, but not through any buttonholes. Pull button away from the fabric and wrap thread tightly around shank (the thread between button and fabric) six times.

Step 6: Push your needle through the shank twice; snip thread. Your button is repaired!

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